Tumbling Classes – Age 5 & up

Our Tumbling program will flip, tip, roll and spring your child through a series of stretches and strength that specifically enhance coordination and agility. Starz teaches floor-only exercises that can be incorporated into any style of dance or cheer and performed on most surfaces. This ensures that your child will learn the most versatile use of their skill, talent & abilities. Students are enrolled based first on skill level (1-5) and then on age. Lessons available for beginning through advanced students. Recommended age: 5 and up. Any style form fitting dance wear is acceptable (no t-shirts please). Tumbling shoes required.

Note: Our Current Session of classes are no longer accepting enrollment.

We will begin accepting enrollment in our 7-WEEK SUMMER SESSION & THEME WEEKS on 4/3/23. Tumbling Class Tuition fees for this special 7-week only schedule are just $125 in full. For questions please email StarzOakGrove@gmail.com.

Our Current Recreational class schedule can be accessed here; https://www.starzdancestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/2022-2023-Recreational-Schedule-2.pdf 

Primary Session (Fall/Winter) Tuition fees for Tumbling are ALL INCLUSIVE. $68 per month includes ALL your Tuition, Registration fees & NEW Shoes. Our Tumbling classes do not participate in our annual Showcase events. Payments are spread out over 10-months in equal amounts from August-May. Auto draft is required. 

2023 SUMMER CLASSES - Held 6/13/23-7/27/23. Enrollment to begin 4/3/23.

2023-2024 PRIMARY/FALL CLASSES - Held 9/5/23-5/23/24. Enrollment ending 1/4/24.