Sparklers Combination Dance/Tumbling Classes, 55-min in length – Age Kindergarten to 2nd grade

Our “Sparklers” class is an engaging introduction to the world of dance including tap, jazz, pre-ballet and tumbling. Your child will learn basic dance in a nurturing & supportive environment. This 55-minute long class is fun and energy filled, incorporating story-telling music, creativity games & exercises, all with dance combinations and progressions. During Summer classes each week will have a special theme helping to foster a continued love of performing and building individual self-confidence. Add your official “Starz Sparkler” tutu and tights for an additional $50.

Primary Session Tuition fees for Sparklers are ALL INCLUSIVE. $89 per month includes ALL your Tuition, Registration fees, NEW Shoes, Showcase Costume, & Showcase bundle (2-tickets, more available). Payments are spread out over 10-months in equal amounts from August-May. Auto draft is required.

NOTE: Students who join our program after September 2022 should anticipate increased tuition fees as they are averaged out over fewer months.

2022-2023 PRIMARY/FALL CLASSES - Held 9/6/22-5/25/23. Enrollment ending 1/1/23.

2022 SUMMER CLASSES - Held 6/14/22-7/28/22. Enrollment ending 7/7/22.